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Our Story

One November night, a young Jude Calley, while being tucked in for bed, asked his mother, "When we die and go to Heaven do we get to choose our age?"  His mom replied, "I don't know sweetheart."  To which he replied, "Yeah I think you do, and I would choose to be 8 years old forever."  Within weeks Jude died in a tragic car accident.  He was 8.

Jude Calley, the hero

Jude's favorite number was #7, which he proudly displayed on the back of his jersey.  It's also the Biblical number of completion, and it's to that end that we exist:  to complete the work that God started through Jude.    


Jude's bright light shined on everyone he met. His sweet, calming eyes and his joyful smile lit up the hearts of many. He had a gift for making people feel special.  He loved sports and music. Most of all he loved God and people, and never missed an opportunity to help someone.

Teams sports enrich children's lives
Jude Calley, the hero

In death Jude was a hero. On the day of his passing he was ushered to the operating room to donate organs that would ultimately save the lives of two children and two adults, all of whom carry the rare blood type shared with the champion himself.


Despite his brief existence on this planet, Jude made a lasting impact. He enriched the lives of all who had the pleasure to spend time with him. Whether it was on the baseball diamond, the soccer pitch, in school or at church, Jude had a penchant for making things more fun and helping those around him.  He was a bright light in the darkness.

 It's our turn to shine.  

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